Friday, June 20, 2008

Non Sequitur: Sarena Hashim

Moving away slightly from what we usually do here - cos too much of the same thing is not good for health and distractions serve a great purpose in life - here's the first post to Non Sequitur; all about discovering & rediscovering 'other' great music, ironically or not.

On the list today is Sarena Hashim. A gem of a voice I discovered while researching on Ismail Haron (don't ask me why and I will cover him here soon). From the record-cutting era of the 60's & 70's, lets say as I perceive it, Sarena was the equivalent of Nancy Sinatra in the enclosed yet vibrant Malay music scene. I bet they party as hard too. But she seems to be kinda underrated. Well for one, unlike Ismail Haron, she doesn't have her own wiki stub and secondly, my parents have very little knowledge of her. With an EP backed by one of the most celebrated bands in Singapore & Southeast Asia, The Quests, who cares whether it was really Rolling Good Times back then, this nostalgic sound of Sarena deserves to be unearthed now. So if there's gonna be a Steam Kodok Volume 2, someone please let me know!

Sarena Hashim - Mimpiku

Sarena Hashim & The Quests - Di Malam Ini

Sarena Hashim & The Quests - Panggillah Daku

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Sally said...

Hi Max,

Saw your posting June 08 on Sarena Hashim.
A new release by EMI. Check out this link on You Tube