Wednesday, March 31, 2010

SYNDICATE(D) NEWS: The Beat Buffet

Yesh, Max Lane will be back on the Syndicate long table of gears & controllers come this Saturday. Somewhere next to him will be the non-Jewish/non-accountant button-pushing partner in crime, Izaak Stern. Here's a wikked wikked mix from him. Stretch the table longer you will find Cherry Chan with tricks from London post-RBMA stint. And as we learned a couple of weeks ago, occupying the smallest of space on the same table will be Ikuma. Last and definitely not least serving beats in the line is the man with the phat kicks & snares from Australia, Dizz1.

Before the beat buffet table opens this Saturday at Home Club, below are some bites for a beat tasting session.



<a href="">Jealous by 2 Player Productions</a>

<a href="">A Taste Of Orange by upp/circular</a>

And we strongly suggest you give the Download link a click for A Taste of Orange. Generosity prevails!

Anyway, here is the visual lo-down on what took place last month:

Bottom line is, SEE YOU on Saturday!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Drop It Like It's Hot! UPP001

<a href="">Whistling Jinn by upp/circular</a>

And yes! It's finally here!

So with all that effort and thought put in please support and purchase UPP001, especially if you really dig the tracks. In other words and a more fashionable manner, cop it!

You can name your own price (with a minimum of US$1) for all 8 tracks. Just click on the Download button on the player for purchase or you can cop it here.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Coming To A Click Near You

A Peek Into UPP001  by  upp/circular

The compilation by the rat pack to be dropped soon.

The Preview:
[00:00 - 01:04] EpikMotion - Whistling Jinn
[01:04 - 02:02] Rora Realis - Bored In Motion
[02:03 - 03:03] Max Lane - Lilis
[03:04 - 04:01] Christen Danse - Feb Full
[04:02 - 04:58] EpikMotion - Instuff
[04:58 - 05:59] Max Lane - A Taste of Orange
[05:59 - 06:47] Eye of Horus - Rise of Horus
[06:47 - 08:08] Rora Realis - The A-Lost

Monday, March 15, 2010

Less Art, More Bass

Nope, on the contrary it will be more arty for Max Lane. Firstly, he will be making an appearance at the apparently 'most innovative art party in town'. Not kidding you, just click on it. Otherwise, the event is also known as Inside Out: A SAM Party, held at 8Q, Singapore Art Museum.

Appearing alongside Max Lane will be his Syndicate brothers Izaak Stern, Kiat & Darren Dubwise and from what we heard there will be an 8bit jam between Ikuma & Sidabitball as well.

So the Arty Party;
20 March, Saturday
8PM Onwards
8Q, Singapore Art Museum
8 Queen Street

On a more serious note, which also depends on how serious an art lover you are, Lane has a sound piece (let's not pun on this) for a multi-disciplinary art exhibition, i-AM Scripted.

He actually had to create an aural piece based on a poem written by the very talented poet/spoken-word artist/singer, Bani Haykal. The piece will be exhibited alongside various visual artworks which had to interpret the poem as well.

And the Arty Exhibition
23-31 March
107 Rowell Road
4PM-10PM Weekdays
12PM-10PM Weekend
Closed on Monday 29 March

So let's get cultured!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's Fun

It's a fun thing to do in sunday

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shampain! Shampain! For Everyone

Its March 2010 and the upp/circular fam are preparing to rejoice.
This Bastard child of few drunks has turned 2!

So lets kick off the merrymaking,

First up we've got our monthly podcast show featuring mixes from the crew and a special guest each time. And for our first episode we've got Rora Realis and guest 2snide bringing it.

The 24 year old DJ and producer, 2snide is simply our kinda meat. Wrecking it with Harmitage, these blokes don't toe the line and it shits rocks. He also has an E.P. forthcoming on Frijsfo. Meanwhile check his blog - snide-remarx.blogspot - for everything bass-related.

2snide - "i tried to incorporate all the styles im feeling right now into the 40mins and hope it is a nice example of what i'm into"

Click here to download show

Monday, March 1, 2010


Max Lane will be taking a break from this third installment of Syndicate. But do come down to check out Rafi Dean's live set. Here's a mix from him to tease your ears.


Meanwhile, if you have not been to any of the Syndicate nights, this is what you have been missing out.....

Max Lane & Syafii dropping the beats at Syndicate 02:

Some testimonials courtesy of Rcgntn:



We can't wait to drop our maiden monthly mixtape podcast later this week. As mentioned before we're going to have 2snide from the Harmitage and Frijsfo Beats fam. He will be rocking it out with resident, Rora Realis.

The tongue-twister of a name Rora Realis will also be making an appearance as his other self - who is apparently without a doubt a true pioneer in Singapore's burgeoning dubstep scene - at Good Times. So if you want to get down with it:

Back to some home news; the crew has been working pretty hard with their eyes glued to their laptops the past weeks trying to perfect that particular kick thuds and snare crunches. Yes, our very first compilation, UPP001, will be out pretty soon. And there are some really really tasty beats waiting to be unleashed.