Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We have lift off...or maybe not

Eyjafjallajokull glacier (*note, this is not any random keyboard freestyle, that's how it is spelled) continues to spew, smoking up Europe and its other unfortunate beneficiaries leaving them high and dry.
While just 8 km away from where i live is an industrial amusement park made bullishly by and for oil and GDP nuts. This AI(Artificial Island) has been flaring(illegally), turning the skies into an apocalyptic orange hue.

A cessation on references to weather reports and current affairs, duly directs our attention to the fact that our good friend and ally Air Traffic Control Tower is operating safely albeit nature and climate running amok.

atc - Talk Show Host by atc00

Also check the motley crew of aerospace controllers ássembled over at We Are Airfields. atct will be performing at SEED next month. Check his site for more details.

We Out.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

upp/cast @ 2

Episode 0/2 - Featuring Shellsuit and Christen Danse

Buckle up! Up first on this month's episode, is a tasty brew from our guest Shellsuit, which is then followed by a hyped CD danse out.

"Shellsuit is a music fiend most commonly heard playing funk, soul and old school hip hop at Pushin’On, a monthly night in Singapore he runs together with DJ Chunk and MC Masterpiece. This short mix was done for fun to piece together some familiar tracks from the mid 80’s to early 90’s."

You know it's all about that fnukd up ting. Serious.

Check the kool gang and their sweet mixes up over at

Download the show here

Monday, April 5, 2010

Thank You Rollins!

I don't have a neck as huge as Mr. Rollins but here's to a lesson of not bending over backwards for anyone how big or small. I'm all up for providing great hospitality but there's always a threshold to bratty behaviour.

Anyway, thanks to those who stayed till the end last Saturday and the greatest of apologies to those who came and just couldn't hang around longer to catch my set. Below is an offering to both groups of people.

Eastern End [SYN04] Excerpt by Max Lane

Reactionary excerpt from Syndicate 04 gig @ Home Club 03/04/10

Somewhere & Everywhere in the mini-mix:
Jai Paul - BTSTU
Chaos AD - Psultan
Oneself - Be Your Own
Enduser - East Side Breaks
Gonja Sufi - Sheep
Squarepusher - Massif (Stay Strong)

Download here!