Friday, September 11, 2009

Death In Nihilism (A Hymn to Din)

An arrangement that I laid for a week through the mornings where my brother would walk into the room dancing through the playbacks as he gets ready for work and idiosyncratically beatboxes his own breaks between the bars. Less to my knowledge then, I had to lay him to ground a week after.

From James Joyce to Douglas Coupland, Velvet Underground to Aphex Twin, Bernado Bertolucci to Jim Jarmusch and a Powell Peralta Skull & Bone Skateboard to Fruity Loops v2.0; I am a product of his cultural consumption & grooming.

With that foundation cemented in me, I have been consuming as he had and creating as he would want me to. This is the last of my creation he will ever listen to.

Woi, this one's for you....

Shalahudin Johari
1971 - 2009

Download track here.

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