Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Highly Recommended: Sampled Through Love

SG hip hop at its finest. The .XS Collective dropped a free compilation in conjunction with V-Day earlier this week. Unlike those highly priced roses you would usually find (over-priced and withered within a day), this is one hella quality release. So show your support. They don't need your money, just 80 odd minutes of your attention. And like what they want and what we are doing, spread the love!

About Sampled Through Love
"Sampled Through Love" is a free mixtape compilation of joints written from the heart, released as a V-Day audio gift from The .XS Collective to all. Features a mixture of originals as well remixes that covers the heartbeats and heartbreaks of love, music, family and brotherhood. Spread the love by passing on this mixtape to everyone you love...

Title: Sampled Through Love
Artists: Various Artists
Label: The.XS Collective
Release Type: Mixtape Compilation
Release Date: 14th February 2010
No. of Tracks: 22
Total Running Time: 80mins

01. Y.OU by Ish & Zaki
02. Aku Masih by Freaky Z
03. Jezebelle by Young feat. Ilbril
04. Isabella by Kill Bill feat. DoggFace & Young
05. Hey Luv (RMX) by Jay-One feat. Bless
06. HearBeat by Rauzan Rahman
07. A Beautiful Mess (RMX) by Azrael
08. L.O.V.E by K-i-n-G
09. Words Can't Describe by IRFNXS
10. She Never by Zero The Memory Thief
11. Slow Jamz (RMX) by AC
12. Therapy by Kill Bill
13. Sunrise by Young feat. Mingshen & Bobby
14. Always be Love by Rauzan Rahman feat. Roze
15. Shadows by Young
16. Teardrop by X'Statix
17. Miss Music by Psykes
18. Still Love by Influent
19. Last Goodbye by Public Eyez
20. The Reason Of Absence by Psykes
21. Blood Stream (RMX) by IRFNXS
22. Last Call by DoggFace




We are turning two next month and it's time this baby learn a few more tricks. Kicking off in the first week of March will be a monthly mixtape/podcast where we will feature a guest for each installment. For its debut, hailing all the way from the LDN, 2snide will show how it's done South East style. Do check out his blog for what to expect.

Other than the monthly podcast, we will also be dropping the first ever upp/circular compilation featuring tracks from the crew. Snippets will be unveiled pretty soon. So watch out for that.

Blue team, move out!

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