Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shampain! Shampain! For Everyone

Its March 2010 and the upp/circular fam are preparing to rejoice.
This Bastard child of few drunks has turned 2!

So lets kick off the merrymaking,

First up we've got our monthly podcast show featuring mixes from the crew and a special guest each time. And for our first episode we've got Rora Realis and guest 2snide bringing it.

The 24 year old DJ and producer, 2snide is simply our kinda meat. Wrecking it with Harmitage, these blokes don't toe the line and it shits rocks. He also has an E.P. forthcoming on Frijsfo. Meanwhile check his blog - snide-remarx.blogspot - for everything bass-related.

2snide - "i tried to incorporate all the styles im feeling right now into the 40mins and hope it is a nice example of what i'm into"

Click here to download show


kamal sabran said...

good job bro!

Anonymous said...

thank you kamal.

for those of you out there, do check out some quality stuffs from Mr. Kamal Sabran himself with the Space Gambus Experiment: