Monday, March 1, 2010


Max Lane will be taking a break from this third installment of Syndicate. But do come down to check out Rafi Dean's live set. Here's a mix from him to tease your ears.


Meanwhile, if you have not been to any of the Syndicate nights, this is what you have been missing out.....

Max Lane & Syafii dropping the beats at Syndicate 02:

Some testimonials courtesy of Rcgntn:



We can't wait to drop our maiden monthly mixtape podcast later this week. As mentioned before we're going to have 2snide from the Harmitage and Frijsfo Beats fam. He will be rocking it out with resident, Rora Realis.

The tongue-twister of a name Rora Realis will also be making an appearance as his other self - who is apparently without a doubt a true pioneer in Singapore's burgeoning dubstep scene - at Good Times. So if you want to get down with it:

Back to some home news; the crew has been working pretty hard with their eyes glued to their laptops the past weeks trying to perfect that particular kick thuds and snare crunches. Yes, our very first compilation, UPP001, will be out pretty soon. And there are some really really tasty beats waiting to be unleashed.

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