Tuesday, May 11, 2010

upp/cast @ 3

Episode 0/3 - Featuring Max Lane and Izaak Stern

Rolling on with our monthly podcast, we have 2 beat nuts on the case for May.

The bright young star of the Qilin camp is our guest mixer man for this episode. Izaak Stern presents us with a mix full of phased out samples and crushed beat collages, impressive and immersive.

"Izaak Stern is on a journey across musical tangents, where nothing is prescribed and nothing is certain. With an experimental modus operandi (which often results unconsciously in an “experimental” end product), the producer views beatmaking as an exploratory process. From the bedrooms of Singapore, to the speakers of London, Izaak Stern is a faceless sound emerging from the depths of the underground"

Get his debut EP here

Download the show here

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